Bet Chat recommends…

Everyone loves a recommendation don’t they? 

That’s why I’ve decided to start an all new Sunday series, where Bet Chat Bec and I will be highlighting the very best stuff we’ve been consuming with our eyes and ears over the preceding seven days.

It also – shock horror – won’t be purely stuff about sport, betting and investing. After all, having other interests and being able to ‘switch off’ is very much a good thing.

So, without further ado, let’s get started…

First up is a piece of traditional football journalism and not just an excuse to stick the boot in to Manchester United (honest!). This excellent piece by the excellent Jonathan Wilson highlights why United are capable of springing surprises against accomplished opponents under Solskjaer, but are not to be trusted against defensive opposition. Certainly betting food for thought for next season.

Next up is my TV pick of the week, which this week is actually related to sport for once! Snooker fan or not, the Gods of Snooker mini-series on iPlayer is an absolute delight. Even if you think the game is boring, with players smoking crack and headbutting referees, the characters in the 80s were anything but!

On the betting front, I simply present you with the Euro 2020(1?) fixture list. Why? I hear you ask. Well, just take a look at those groups and tell me that Romelu Lukaku isn’t a great shout for the Golden Boot at prices as big as 8/1…

He’s had a cracking season at Inter, winning Serie A and finishing second top scorer, behind only Ronaldo. He plays for an attacking Belgian side that has an excellent chance of making the final. But, to top it all off, said Belgian side has the weakest group, up against Finland, Denmark and Russia. Meanwhile, France, Portugal and Germany are all in the same group and Golden Boot favourite, Harry Kane, has tough matches against Croatia, Czech Republic and Scotland…

Now, you try and tell me that I’m mad to be lumping on at those odds!

Last but not least, do check out our brand new horse racing service, Racecracker. It’s designed with the £5 and £10 bettors very much in mind and is priced as such. You can read all about it here.

That’s all for today. Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday weekend 😊 .

The Sunday Scoop 🍦

If there’s one thing guaranteed to improve our investing skills, it’s reading as much as possible about the field that we want to be proficient in.

For me, that field is obviously cryptocurrency and so, each Sunday, I share some articles of interest that can help to improve your understanding of cryptos and, ultimately, help you make more money from them!

I also try to ensure that there’s a mix of content for beginners, pros and everyone in between.

🍦 Last week, my articles had a focus on the recent market crash, but that has since stabilised and it seems that the big players aren’t worried in the slightest. This hedge fund has used the dip as an opportunity to buy up some Bitcoin.

🍦 It feels like a wise move to me and, with Apple hinting that they may soon start accepting cryptocurrency as payment, it might not be too long before we’re seeing prices hit new all-time highs again.

🍦 PayPal also got in on the ‘good crypto news’ act by announcing that they are to let customers withdraw cryptocurrency to external wallets. You can read about it here.

🍦 Meanwhile, over in the downright bonkers world of NFTs, remember the vomit inducing/charming (delete as appropriate) ‘Charlie bit my finger’ video? Well, it has now been sold as an NFT for a whopping $760,999. As Chris P said in our Crypto with Kash Telegram group…

The story of said weirdo purchase can be found here. 

🍦 And talking of Crypto with Kash, my latest coin recommendation was released on Friday, so I’ll end this week’s Sunday Scoop by simply directing you towards that. You cain join my service by clicking this link.

“We believe in helping those who need help”

Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, north London…

If you read all the way to the end of yesterday’s email you’ll have seen my reveal that tomorrow will mark a Bet Chat first…

You see, at around 9am, we’ll be launching our first ever year round horse racing service and, what’s more, that service will be our cheapest ever subscription at less than £20 a month (and in fact, less than £15 a month if you take the annual option!).

That’s in stark contrast to most other horse racing services out there. I mean just look at this one from ISIRIS…

Now, I don’t know how good ISIRIS are these days but that’s not really the point. The point is that it’s completely unfollowable for a ‘normal’ bettor…

After all, at that price you need to make 189.5 points profit a year just to break even!

The creators of our new racing service, Clive and Jamie, have the polar opposite pricing approach to the likes of ISIRIS…

Rather than trying to charge as much as they can get away with, they were actually the first ever tipsters I’ve worked with to ask that I REDUCE my suggested price!

When I asked Clive exactly why it was important to him to keep the price of the service low, this is what he said:

“This is a personal thing. We are both from a working class background and believe in helping those who need help. 

“We are here to help the £5 a bet guy to build up to £100 a bet. If we are charging £20 and making 6 points profit each month, the little guy is happy. Then when a good month hits, he’s taking his wife for a meal or buying the kids toys.

“It’s more an almost political thing! Sorry if it sounds ‘socialist’ but it is much more about how we want to live our own lives. I live in a part of the country where the average man can’t afford a monthly fee of £30-40 and above, and I never want to forget that.”

Of course, it’s all well and good being a low price, but the service also needs to deliver a profit, and the good news is that there are no issues on that front either…

In the 5.5 months of proofing to date, the average monthly profit is just over seven points. That means more than £50 a month profit for the £10 a bet players, even AFTER service fees have been taken into account.

I personally feel that this service is a great addition to our Bet Chat roster and I hope that you do too.

If you’d like to read more about it and give it a try, look out for our launch email bright and early tomorrow morning.

“Sell alert with incredible accuracy”

“It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last time #bitcoin ₿”

Those are the words of the CEO of Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange.

He shared them with this image, which shows all of Bitcoin’s previous major dips…

The message is pretty clear…

Despite the recent correction in the crypto markets, Bitcoin and other cryptos have always bounced back.

And perhaps we’re already seeing this bounce…

According to CoinMarketCap the crypto markets are up nearly 10% in the last 24 hours (I’m writing this on Wednesday)…

And Bitcoin is back up trading at nearly $40,000…

This is good news, which will have many people wondering…

“Should I jump in now to profit on the way up?”

That’s what members of the Crypto With Kash group have been doing… as Lip and David say, they’re buying up more of our portfolio picks…

This is after we already locked in a 150% gain on our portfolio’s biggest holding before the correction started.

Glenda called this a “sell alert with incredible accuracy”…

And now I’m recommending members could “dollar cost average” into the markets, which is a good strategy for turbulent times.

Here’s how it works…

Instead of investing your allocation of money for a given crypto all at once, you divide that money up and invest it in smaller chunks over time.

For example, say you want to invest £100 in Bitcoin…

Instead of going all in at the current price, you would split that £100 into smaller parts and invest, say, £10 every week.

That way, you get the average price of Bitcoin over the next 10 weeks and can capitalise on any potential price drops (maybe if Elon tweets again!).

You could use this strategy with my latest pick for the Crypto With Kash portfolio.

This is a big opportunity as it’s a direct competitor to the second biggest crypto, Ethereum.

Which is why I’m recommending members allocate 10% of their portfolio to this coin.

To get my full write up, and access to all my previous recommendations, grab membership to Crypto With Kash here.

I’ll also be happy to answer any of your questions in the private Telegram group.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

“Isn’t it taking candy from a baby?”

Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, north London…

How’s your week been so far? 

More enjoyable than trying to get in touch with a human being at Amazon to explain that it wasn’t you that paid £13.99 for Zack Snyder’s four hour long edit of Justice League, but rather a five year old child?

I do hope so.

As I said to Bet Chat Bec, it was like the complete reversal of that famous saying ‘taking money from a baby’…

Of course, she then pointed out to me that babies don’t typically carry wallets around with them and the actual saying involved ‘candy’, thus ruining my clever take on the situation, which was the only vaguely enjoyable part of the evening.

Still, at least the culprit was apologetic about it.

The fantasy football results are in…

Did you see my message yesterday about the Bet Chat Fantasy Football League?

If not, you might want to take a look as there’s a good chance you’ve won a prize!

You can see the full list of winners here.

You asked… now we’re about to deliver

Before I leave you today, I thought I’d share a couple of findings from the recent annual Bet Chat survey. We discovered that…

1. 93.5% of you enjoy betting on horseracing


2. 46.2% of you were only willing/able to sign up to betting services costing less than £20 per month

Well, guess what?

This Friday we’ll be launching Bet Chat’s first ever year round racing service AND it’ll be our cheapest ever year round service at less than 20 quid a month!

I’ll be back in your inbox with more info tomorrow, so do keep an eye out for that and of course Friday’s launch email.

“Guess how badly I did”

Reporting from a hipster coffee shop, north London…

Sunday saw the Premier League season come to a conclusion and the nation rejoiced as Liverpool not only made the top four, but squeezed past Chelsea into third place. Huzzah!

Okay okay, maybe you weren’t quite as rejoiceful as me (Bet Chat Bec had the temerity to go to the bloody Arsenal match!) but perhaps this email WILL give you reason to rejoice, as the results are in for the Bet Chat Fantasy Football League where there are… wait for it… 49 different winners!

The big winners

Our overall champion, romping away by 78 points, was Jack Palmer’s Rum Ham United. Very well done Jack! Your prizes are as follows…

£300 Bet Chat credit to spend towards a service or product of your choice, a football shirt of your choice, a £50 Amazon gift card AND a copy of Prem Bets 21/22 (when released of course)

Runner up was Alex Traynor’s 1892. Congrats Alex. Your prizes are…

£100 Bet Chat credit to spend towards a service or product of your choice, a football shirt of your choice and a copy of Prem Bets 21/22

Lastly, the bronze medal went to Marco Allen’s Kloppy’s Blinders. Well done Marco. You win…

£50 Bet Chat credit to spend towards a service or product of your choice and a copy of Prem Bets 21/22

The May winners

There are also two monthly prizes for May to give away, so well done to Kevin Haselden’s Red Marauders who won the month and John Pickersgill’s Come Dyche With Me who finished second.

The ‘better than Josh’ winners

Finally, I promised £15 of Bet Chat credit to anybody who finished ahead of my team this season, and that turned out to be a huge 49 of you. Turns out that I needed to do more than spend a half cut five minutes on my team each Friday night to be competitive.

Still, well done all of the below!

Rum Ham United // Jack Palmer
1892 // Alex Traynor
Kloppy’s Blinders // Marco Allen
Klopps & Robertsons // Michael Cambridge
CHANGE NAME // Jon Wilson
A Step Too VAR // Richard Riley
calmer than a banana // Harry Palmer
The wizard of oz il // Glenn Herriott
LitOrange // David Fugill
Come Dyche With Me // John Pickersgill
Chinese mafia // Gary Fong
Runner Up Ian // Ian Wright
Red Marauders // Kevin Haselden
Flying Without Ings // Arlo Driscoll  
Tony Martian FC // Mark Szalma
On the river again // Eoghan Ryan
Roath Ravers // Calum Love
Id Rather Walk Alone // Jamie Fitzgerald
Bayer Neverlusen // Dylan Brock
Leatherballs // Harry Bailey
Just hoof it // Peter Sanders
Melville Mavericks // Mike Christophers
Spygate United // Paul Morris
The Mighty Spurs // Fiona Clark
Airfield Ops // Andy Conniff
PSV Harrison // Danny Harris
Deecee united // David Coates
SFC // Martin Roberts
Conrad Knight Socks // Tim Nye
Victorious Secret // Adam Gibbs
Robs Rovers 1 // Robert Smith
KopTheLot // James Fenwick
SWEEP THE DOG // Isobel Fitzgerald
AC Mullen // Fran Mullen
Accountantzzz // Steve Poole
I Shall DVilla // Steve Wallis
Daves Cheap Shots // David Hughes
Arcadia Shepherds // Andrew Adamson
Maybe This Year // Chris Sowerby
What A Kante // Mark Sanderson
Rivlin // Brendan Jackson
Weneedastriker // Phil Sheridan
Inter ma nan // Robin Ferguson
Picked with a pin // Lynne Henry
Sheafitzgerald1 // Shea Fitzgerald
Super Saddlers // Neil Brookes
Deganwy X1 // Francis Connell
Legs XI // Russ Baker
ChampionsPlanet FC // Samuel Atoyebi

How to claim your prizes

To claim your prize(s) please email Jack and Alex, please include the football shirt you would like (plus the size) and your postal address.

If you’ve won Bet Chat credit, please note that this is credit, not cash (just as well given my performance!) You can use it towards any of our Bet Chat products or services, so just let us know how you’d like to redeem it and we can sort that for you manually.

Thanks once again for taking part. We’ll look to run a league again next season and this time I’ll endeavour to be less terrible.