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How to place Adam’s bets

Hey, Bet Chat Bec here!

Placing Adam’s selections should be pretty easy for seasoned bettors but, just in case you’re a bit of a newbie (like I was when I first started following the service), I’ve recorded some short videos showing you how to place the most common bet types that Adam recommends.

Here they are…

Email Tips (including ‘Player Pass’ bets)

Telegram Tips (including ‘Asian handicap’ bets)

Spread Betting Tips (‘Player Performance’ market)

I hope those videos give you all the info you need to get started with confidence but, as always, if you have any further questions you can contact Adam by emailing

If you want to follow Adam’s selections and take advantage of the 30 day risk free trial, click this link to watch the video.

“It’s time to launch the Bec E-Letter!”

Reporting from the underground rave cave, north London…

Hey, Bet Chat Bec here! 

This week I’m booting Josh aside and taking control of the e-letter, or Bec E-Letter as I like to call it.

But don’t worry, this isn’t some mad coup, there’s actually a very good reason…

You see, back in March Josh set me a betting challenge and, seeing as I rarely bet and aren’t even into watching British sports, ‘challenge’ was the definitely the operative word.

And how did I get on? Well, let’s just say that I got my hands on this little beauty with the profits!

Check your emails tomorrow when I’ll be revealing the full story and, more importantly, letting you know how you can follow in my betting footsteps.

Bet Chat recommends

Everyone loves a recommendation don’t they? 

That’s why, in this Sunday series, Bet Chat Bec and I will be highlighting the very best stuff we’ve been consuming with our eyes and ears over the preceding seven days.

It also – shock horror – won’t be purely stuff about sport, betting and investing. After all, having other interests and being able to ‘switch off’ is very much a good thing.

So, without further ado, let’s get started…

Just the two recommendations this week but two with a strong link between them, even if you’ll think I’ve lost the plot initially.

First up is the new Netflix documentary, Turning Point, which explores terrorism and the response to terrorism post 9/11…

You can watch it here.

The second is Clive Jones’s Racecracker service which you can try here.

I did say you’ll think I’ve lost the plot but bear with me!

You see, what makes Turning Point interesting is how the documentary doesn’t just wallow in the devastation of terrorist attacks and tell us all about how awful the perpetrators are.

Both are of course entirely legitimate angles and certainly not ones I would disagree with, but what takes it to another level is how they look at the response to 9/11 and the mistakes that were made which, in many cases, rather than end terrorism have actually cultivated it.

And this isn’t anti American lefty liberal spiel either, it’s simply looking at how often highly emotional people (as they have every right to be after a terrorist attack) have a habit of making bad decisions.

All of which brings me to Racecracker which went live a few months ago and, after a good opening week, promptly ran into the worst run that Clive had experience in the three years of fine tuning the service…

Understandably many new members were less than impressed and many cancelled their subscriptions, but here’s the thing…

The run – while undeniably tough – didn’t break the betting bank (quite a way from it in fact), and the results since the lowest ebb?

More than 80 points profit, recouping all of the loss plus a decent wedge of overall profit on top.

The takeaways to all this are four-fold…

  1. Try not to make decisions when angry or highly emotional.
  2. If a service recommends a betting bank then you should be prepared to use that betting bank. If you’re not, you’d be better off not following the service to begin with.
  3. Give Racecracker a try by clicking this link.
  4. I’m not in any way making light of terrorism here. If you think I am, please read all the above again (oh and watch the Netflix series)!

And after that slightly ‘out there’ piece, I wish you good day.

A bumper Free Tip of the Week edition

‘Free Tip of the Week’ emails have been a little sporadic of late but I’m not sorry, because we’ve just put together an entire free service for you!

The first couple of weeks of this American football service will be sent out to the entire Bet Chat email list (as today’s tips have been) HOWEVER, to ensure that you are on the list to receive our free NFL bets all season long, you need to opt in via this link.

The page requests your email address but don’t worry – this isn’t going to any third party, it’s just so that we know exactly who wants to receive the bets, so that anybody who doesn’t isn’t getting the emails week after week when they’ve no interest in them.

And well, that’s just about all you need to know! Over to Russ, with his bets for the first week of the 2021/22 NFL season.


Here we go guys! Welcome to The Snap!

It’s week one of the NFL season as we enter into a six-month period of non-stop picks for you. I will select money line (win) market bets as well as look at total match points (over/under) and handicap bets. I may also throw in a multiple from time to time as well.

Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans (Sunday 6pm)

Tennessee Titans can be a major force this year with a strong offence, which includes the formidable running back Derrick Henry. Added to this is Julio Jones at wide receiver; a combination that can cause the Cardinals lots of problems. Tannehill at quarter back is also reliable in the pocket so they should be able to score plenty of points. Defensively, Titans do need to improve on last year but, with new signings on board, I’m confident that will happen.

Cardinals have trust in Kyler Murray, but they do not possess as many weapons as the Titans and could struggle in this one. Our pick is taking the Titans on the handicap.

Bet: Tennessee Titans (-2.5pts) on the handicap at 20/23 (1.87) with Paddy Power, Betfair Sportsbook

Stake: 2pts

Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs (Sunday 9.25pm)

This is the game of the week by far. After getting well beaten in the Super Bowl last year, the Chiefs will be looking for an explosive start, but I don’t think this will be the case against a tough Browns team. Both these sides should make the play-offs, but it’ll be a disappointing start to the season for one of them. They last met in the play-offs in a physical encounter where the Browns gave a superb display only to just come up short.

The Chiefs have massive firepower on offence with Mahomes, Kelce and Hill the top talent on show and they should put up plenty of points. The Browns will not be fazed by this however and have a weapon of their own in Baker Mayfield who had a good season last year and is very talented. In Chubb, they also have an excellent running back, while Landry at wide receiver is another key figure. I see this being closer than the handicap suggests, so we are taking the Browns to cover it.

Bet: Cleveland Browns (+6pts) on the handicap market at 17/20 (1.85) with 888Sport

Stake: 1.5pts

Weekend Treble

Our week one treble consists of three teams who can all make the play-offs this season and kick-start their season with a notable win.

Buffalo Bills host Pittsburgh Steelers and the good pre-season vibes coming out of Buffalo suggest this could be a big year for them – QB Josh Allen is set for another top season as well.

San Francisco 49ers face a tough road game in Detroit, but they are well equipped to go into the Lion’s den and come away with a win.

Finally, LA Rams host Chicago Bears and new QB Stafford can make a big impact. With top wide receivers and a strong offensive line, the Rams can put up plenty of points.

Treble Bet: Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers and LA Rams all to win at 1.23/1 (2.23) with Sporting Index Fixed Odds 

Stake: 1 pt

The Snap is back… and FREE for 2021/22

With the new NFL (American football) season about to get underway, today I’m in your inbox to reveal that not only is our NFL tips service back but, this season, it’s completely free of charge!

This is another thank you for being a member of the Bet Chat community and we hope that you’ll make a very nice profit from it.

Today our tipster, Russell Yershon, is revealing his ante-post bets for the season, and the first couple of weeks of match bets will also be sent out to the entire Bet Chat email list HOWEVER, to ensure that you are on the list to receive Russ’s bets all season long, you need to opt in via this link.

The page requests your email address but don’t worry – this isn’t going to any third party, it’s just so that we know exactly who wants to receive the bets, so that anybody who doesn’t isn’t getting the emails week after week when they’ve no interest in them.

And well, that’s just about all you need to know! Over to Russ, with his ante-post bets for the 2021/22 NFL season.


Super Bowl

Who would have thought that at the ripe old age of 43 Tom Brady would lead a Tampa Bay Buccaneers team to Super Bowl victory, but he did exactly that and his partner in crime Rob Gronkowski put in a superb performance in the Super Bowl itself, along with Tampa’s talented defence.

This year Tampa Bay will again be among the teams fighting it out for victory and the Kansas City Chiefs, who they beat in the Super Bowl, will once again be a key challenger from the AFC.

The Chiefs are your 5/1 favourites for the Super Bowl and top quarter back Patrick Mahomes is ready to avenge last season’s defeat. Mahomes once again has huge talent to aim at in Hill, Kelce and Edward-Helaire. This year coach Reid has also made re-enforcements to the offensive line meaning The Chiefs will once again be hoping to put 24+ points on the board in most games and blitz their opponents.

A key factor in putting up Kansas City Chiefs as my first tip is not as well as having an elite offense, they are also very strong at the back. They also have a very weak division, which means they are likely to hit 12+ wins, which can give them a great chance at number one seed, which will in turn give them home advantage throughout the play-offs – this is a massive advantage.

The 5/1 on offer now will almost certainly contract and, by the end of the regular season, it wouldn’t surprise me if this price is around the 2/1 mark.

In the NFC the Green Bay Packers were so close to reaching the Super Bowl last season and, with top quarter back Aaron Rodgers still in the hot seat, they have another great shot at reaching the Super Bowl this season.

With Devante Adams on hand to receive the Rodgers throw in the end-zone, Green Bay will once again be challenging in the play-offs and, should they get home field advantage, not many teams will fancy playing them. I fully expect this 16/1 to be a lot shorter come the play-offs, so it’s worth taking it now before Green Bay start their campaign.

Another factor in our pick from the NFC is that the NFC North division is weak again this year, so Green Bay should be able to power their way to a nice lead in the division and then be able to push on and challenge for the number one slot. They excel at home and, with a nice schedule on paper, Green Bay are our NFC pick for the Super Bowl.

Bet: 1pt – Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl (5/1 with Paddy Power, William Hill, Betfair Sportsbook)

Bet: 0.5pt – Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl (16/1 with Betfred, Boylesports)

Division Tips

AFC North

With a few injuries picked up by Baltimore Ravens in pre-season, now is the time to take the Cleveland Browns for the AFC North. Their offensive line is one of the best in the NFL and Baker Mayfield can really excel this season.

With the new additions to Cleveland Browns including Jadeveon Clowney, there is confidence in the roster that this is the year to push on and secure another play-off spot. The Bengals and Steelers are likely to struggle, so it looks like a straight shootout between Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens, and we are taking the Browns to win the division.

Bet: 1pt – Cleveland Browns to with the AFC North (31/20 with Mansion Bet)

AFC South

The Tennessee Titans are our strong pick to win the AFC South. Reliable quarter back Ryan Tannehill has Julio Jones as a new weapon on offence and this will hugely help their receiving core. Another stellar name who is expected to have another big season is top rusher Derrick Henry, and he will have defences running scared more often than not.

Indianapolis Colts have many injuries, especially at quarter back, so may struggle during the season. Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans are once again unlikely to compete with Tennessee Titans and, with many doubts in their opponents’ offences and defences, the Titans can capitalize.

Bet: 2pts – Tennessee Titans to win the AFC South (10/11 with Paddy Power, Betfair Sportsbook)

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys are our pick in the NFC East and I’m excited to see the offence excel this year. Quarterback Dak Prescott is back and eager to get going after a bad injury. Ezekiel Elliott is in good shape and if he can repeat previous top form at running back, the Cowboys can really work well this year. In the wide receiver core, they also have top talent so can attack from a number of different angles.

Washington can cause problems, but their defence is one of the worst in the league. New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles are in transition so don’t expect them to feature near the top of the division this year.

Bet: 2pts – Dallas Cowboys to win NFC East (6/4 with Unibet, Mansion Bet)

Ante-post Division Winner Treble

We’ll also have a treble on two of the three divisional winners mentioned, plus Green Bay…

Bet: 1pt – Dallas Cowboys to win NFC East, Tennessee Titans to win AFC South, Green Bay Packers to win NFC North (6.67/1 with SBK)

Not just another day in the office

Wednesday is Caddy day…

It’s the day of the week I look forward to most.

Why? I am presented with a challenge to find winning or placed golf selections on the European Tour and the US PGA Tour for my clients.

It is a weekly challenge I relish with great vigour. It is a weekly challenge that sometimes we get right and sometimes not. But when my clients and I are betting regular golf winners at 70/1, 25/1, 20/1, 10/1, 15/2 etc, with many other golfers placed at odds up to and above 100/1, we can afford the occasional losing weekend!

By default, I have to place all my bets with Betfair Exchange. This is de fault (sorry!) of any bookmaker you care to mention closing my account or restricting my account to be as good as closed.

I have a feeling you may be in a similar position with your bookmaker accounts?

Well, worry not about getting your golf bets placed, whatever the price may be and at whatever stakes you want to use. The exchange caters for people like us, almost always.

And there’s more…

When opportunity knocks, we open the door!

Because I encourage my Clients to use the exchange, we have yet another string to our bow…

We often have the opportunity to Trade to a FREE BET/NO LOSS position.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

And don’t worry if you’re new to the Betfair Exchange. I explain in every way and detail how to trade, so you won’t be left wondering, or confused, or behind.

I’ll take you by the hand. I’ll teach you and show you a new way to have your stake back in your pocket but still make profit if our golfer wins. Yep, it’s often a free bet/no loss situation. Trust me!

A typical Wednesday goes like this…

6:30am Up and about, in the shower, ready to go!

7:00am Pick up the Racing Post from the porch floor, head into the kitchen and its coffee on, muesli in the bowl. After half an hour breakfast is done and dusted with a quick scan of the RP.

7:30am Turn to the first golf pages of the RP, often the European Tour and set alight my unique, brilliant, (I believe so!), golf strategy! Yep, it’s mine!

You’ve known or seen nothing like it before or since. The data I use is not found in any computer database for a simple ‘lazy way to riches’ input and spit out result. My data is from sheer exhaustive work, long ago, using hard copies of the Racing Post. Burning the midnight oil and foregoing things many others took for granted. Was it worth the struggle, pain and heartache?

You bet!

8:30am I repeat the process for the US PGA Tour.

9:30am I take a break from the golf and look through the RP at the types of horse races I may or may not be interested in. I check my trainer’s entries and swap texts or phone calls, plus of course wish him the very best of good luck!

10:15am I compose my copy for The Caddy’s Telegram (the FREE instant messaging portal we give all clients access too) and email updates.

Via our Telegram group I also post all relevant trading information on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You are never left dangling and wondering what to do with your golf bets. This is a professional and client friendly service. You will be heads up all the way.

11:00am I try to aim to have the Telegram information posted and with clients by no later than 11am each Wednesday. That said, you will often have until the following day – 6:30am for the European Tour and midday for the US PGA Tour – to place your bets.

As a rule, we have between 0 and 2 golf bets per Tour per week. I do not throw stuff at the wall in the hope something sticks.

Our outlay per week is between 0 and 4 points staked. A 50 point bank has never in any way been under pressure. Personally, I believe a 25 point bank is sufficient but let’s err towards caution.

And well, that’s about it, really! I’ve put in the work so that you don’t have to.

Recently, we have enjoyed winners @ 70/1 and 10/1, plus numerous places and trades to a no loss situation. We would have had another winner, bar a bolt of lightning, at 16/1 but a positive Covid-19 test ruled him out of the final round when 6 shots clear of the field. Hey Ho. Life goes on! We’re making profit!

Last year, my strategy when proofed from August/September gave numerous winners at 15/2, 20/1 twice, 25/1, plus many places and trade outs to a no loss situation. 

If you enjoy sports betting, you’ll enjoy our four days of golf betting, Thursday to Sunday.

You’ll enjoy our next big priced winner.

You’ll enjoy trading out to a free bet/no loss situation.

You’ll enjoy WINNING!

To give The Caddy a try with our no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee, just click this link.