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I get asked a lot of questions by readers and in this line of work that’s fair enough…

After all, if you tell a random man on the street that you bet and sell tips for a living he’s unlikely to take your word for it, and that’s putting it mildly!

In fact, not even my grandmother knows exactly what I do (she just knows it has something to do with sport) because, quite frankly, I haven’t got the patience to explain to an 80 year old woman the definition of betting value, and why my return on investment over a prolonged period means that I absolutely do have an edge over the bookmakers.

You, however, are not my grandmother…

Well, at least, I hope you’re not.

So, I thought that today I would answer some of the most common questions/objections I receive from people who are new to Bet Chat or tipping services in general.

If you’d like to ask me a question not covered here then please do…

You can get me at and, if there are enough of them, I’ll send out a follow up email to everybody next week.

For now, have a bang on these…

Q. If you’re making so much money from betting, why do you need to charge for your tips?

A. JK Rowling is a multimillionaire but you wouldn’t expect her to give away the latest Harry Potter book free of charge would you?

Simply put, a lot of work goes into all of the selections that we charge for and people should pay for good work.

I’m also not a multimillionaire.

Q. Why would you share your tips with others and risk losing out as a result?

A. I can place my bets before the tips are released so it makes no difference to my profitability.

I also specialise at the top level of sport (high class jumps racing and Premier League football) so a few members betting on the same thing aren’t going to destroy the market liquidity or affect prices too badly/at all.

Q. All sport is fixed.

A. You might laugh but I get this objection surprisingly often!

Of course there are issues with fixing at some levels of some sports but they are almost exclusively at a lower level (e.g. Romanian football).

If you are convinced that ALL Premier League football and non-handicap racing is fixed then I’m afraid I can’t help you. Presumably you also believe David Icke’s infamous claim that the world is being ruled by lizards.

Q. Nobody makes money from betting/it’s impossible to beat the bookies.

A. Tell that to somebody like Brighton football club owner Tony Bloom who made most of his fortune through betting (more info here).

Tell it also to the many thousands of non-public figures who have had multiple betting accounts closed or severely restricted.

Q. How can I trust that you will honour your money back guarantee?

A. If you can trust that an online retailer like ASOS or Moonpig would honour a money back guarantee then you should be able to trust that we will.

Just like any other legitimate company we are fully registered, including with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) to handle your data securely.

Also, we’re in this for the long term (our previous venture lasted 10 years), so why fail to honour a guarantee to make a few extra quid but then lose you as a result, when we’d much rather you stick with us until 2030 and beyond.

Q. Aren’t you just like those tipsters who have affiliate deals with bookmakers and earn money based on players’ losses?

A. The vast majority of our content is free from bookmaker affiliate links and we only ever suggest the bookmaker offering best odds for a particular bet.

Now and again we will provide links for bookie sign-up offers, particularly if they are better than the standard sign up offers…

If somebody signs up via one of these links we receive a fixed fee (known as a CPA). We do not receive a percentage of losses.

Incidentally, we did once receive an angry email from William Hill informing us that our ‘referrals’ had cost them a cumulative total in excess of £28,000. I really should get that framed!!

Q. I’ve been ripped off by tipsters before. Why are you any different?

A. There are, undoubtedly, a lot of dodgy so-called ‘tipsters’ out there. Some are outright scammers and others are honest enough but just aren’t very good at betting.

However, that shouldn’t detract from the genuinely profitable services on the market (and yes, that includes services that we have no involvement in whatsoever)…

After all, there are dodgy characters in all industries but, just because a cowboy builder might rip you off, it doesn’t mean you should stop trusting every single builder out there does it?

On our part, we do our best to be as transparent as possible and all of our service selections are independently proofed and verified by a third party.

We will also provide full results (and proof of results) for any one our services should you wish to see them.

Well, I hope those were of interest to you and told you a little more about who we are and why we do what we do. As above, if you’d like to ask any further questions, you can reach us at

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