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What type of potato are you?

Is BuzzFeed still a thing?

I hope not.

While their ‘fun quizzes’ are, without exception, a vacuous bore-fest, the principle of a quiz to determine something about yourself isn’t necessarily a silly one.

With that in mind, I thought I’d write a short quiz that will help you work out whether you are better suited to backing long-shots or shorties…


Question 1: Your football team signs a new player and on his debut he scores an own goal and gets sent off. Do you?

a) Take a deep breath and give him the benefit of the doubt. It takes time to adapt to new surroundings after all.

b) Swear at the TV, swear at the wife, swear at the cat but feel broadly fine about it the following day.

c) Immediately take to Twitter to abuse the player and send death threats to your club’s owner.

Question 2: A kindly old man offers you £100 right now or £1000 in a year’s time. Do you?

a) Thank the man and arrange to meet him again in 12 months’ time.

b) Thank the man, take the £100 and have a ruddy good night out.

c) Call the man a perv, tell him to bugger off and head home muttering something about ‘this country’.

Question 3: An unexpected windfall means you have enough money to go on a holiday of a lifetime. Do you?

a) Gleefully prepare to go travelling across South America, with Christ the Redeemer and the Amazon River top of your ‘to see’ list.

b) Book a luxury lodge in the Lake District and get out the latest copy of the ‘Good Food’ guide. Michelin Star restaurants here we come!

c) Head down to Thomas Cook in the high street and immediately book a two week all-inclusive holiday to Magaluf. LADS LADS LADS!

Question 4: You’ve previously experienced great success with a betting strategy and you’re still well in the black but are going through a bad run. Do you?

a) Stick with it. The reasoning behind the strategy is sound and bad runs are inevitable in this game.

b) Stick with it but reduce your stakes or even stop betting for a while and monitor the results instead.

c) Stop betting. Call the strategy creator a scammer, state that all sports are fixed, then immediately Google ‘easy money’, spot a bloke standing next to a Ferrari promising untold riches and eagerly type in your credit card details.

So, how did you get on?

If you got mostly A’s:

It seems that you are ideally suited to betting on bigger priced selections.

You’re patient, measured and a bit of a thrill seeker who is willing to take the rough with the smooth if it means ultimately hitting upon something really exciting.

If you got mostly B’s:

Longshot betting probably isn’t for you but that’s absolutely fine.

You know what you like and you have the intelligence and discipline to do really well from sports betting…

Just make sure you focus on strategies with a decent strike-rate so you don’t end up panicking and jumping ship just before the winners start to flow.

In that respect, this service is ideal.

It’s had 23 winning months out of 29 since it launched in November 2017 and has been a real money spinner for members, with very little in the way of downturns.

You can give it a try here.

If you got mostly C’s:

You’re an oven chip.

Not strictly a type of potato but what’s a bloody Maris Piper when it’s at home? Probably some foreign muck, not like the humble oven chip…

Cheap, bland and perfect for clogging up arteries.

Lovely stuff.

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