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It’s my pleasure today to introduce a new Market Prospectors editor. His name is Stephen Wallis and he is a dad, husband, numbers geek and fan of alternative 90s rock music. He also has an FA Level 2 in Coaching Football, a Risk Management in Financial Services qualification from the IRM and used to speak intermediate level Spanish (and will again someday!). 

Stephen climbed the corporate ladder in the baffling world of financial services, before essentially slipping off it right near the top. Since then, he’s gone back to what’s felt like university in order to figure out if there’s a way to work less, enjoy life more and prioritise raising his kids.

I hope you enjoy his articles.

Remember the time when you woke up and decided what you wanted to do that day?

You had time freedom, you were inquisitive and curious, and you valued experiences and new connections. Even though Covid-1984 has limited your freedoms and ability to make your own decisions about what you want to do today, it hasn’t eliminated them.

If you’re a former backpacker you’ll know how liberating and fun it is to wake up somewhere (possibly forgetting for a few seconds exactly where that is), and deciding in a totally unrushed fashion – what shall I do today?

For me it revolved around free fun; a full day hike up that mountain in the distance, a bike ride to check out the local area, or maybe a trip to the market you read about with those people you were chatting with last night.

It sure as hell doesn’t look much like this current situation, where if you’re anything like us your kids’ school bubbles (new word meaning #83 since February 2020) are popping, and you’re spending your time looking at options to regain your civil liberties and freedoms.

Brexit chucked a spanner at those options, but it didn’t destroy them.

You know as well as I do that there are places on this planet which aren’t nearly as dangerous as your friends and family will have you believe. These people have seen something about a certain country on the news, whereas you spent a month travelling around it getting to know the people and culture.

The same will be said about how you earn money to support yourself and maybe a family.

You know, or feel, that going out on your own in business isn’t as risky as it sounds, especially versus the alternative of a mind numbing ‘career’ in something you don’t really care about. But your friends and family will be sure to give you their opinions and scaremonger you about your certain path to cardboard boxville.

This pandemic has changed a bunch of things, but some of those may work out for the better if you’re able to see the bigger picture and want to awaken from your backpacker slumber.

We’ve created a community just for these types of people – the ones who are problem solving optimists, who may be currently missing a key resource in order to make their dreams and plans a reality.

So I’ll end today’s email by asking the following: do you already have a side hustle? If so, what is it? If not, what’s holding you back? Let me know by emailing hello@marketprospectors.com or hitting reply to this email.

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