Not just another day in the office

Wednesday is Caddy day…

It’s the day of the week I look forward to most.

Why? I am presented with a challenge to find winning or placed golf selections on the European Tour and the US PGA Tour for my clients.

It is a weekly challenge I relish with great vigour. It is a weekly challenge that sometimes we get right and sometimes not. But when my clients and I are betting regular golf winners at 70/1, 25/1, 20/1, 10/1, 15/2 etc, with many other golfers placed at odds up to and above 100/1, we can afford the occasional losing weekend!

By default, I have to place all my bets with Betfair Exchange. This is de fault (sorry!) of any bookmaker you care to mention closing my account or restricting my account to be as good as closed.

I have a feeling you may be in a similar position with your bookmaker accounts?

Well, worry not about getting your golf bets placed, whatever the price may be and at whatever stakes you want to use. The exchange caters for people like us, almost always.

And there’s more…

When opportunity knocks, we open the door!

Because I encourage my Clients to use the exchange, we have yet another string to our bow…

We often have the opportunity to Trade to a FREE BET/NO LOSS position.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

And don’t worry if you’re new to the Betfair Exchange. I explain in every way and detail how to trade, so you won’t be left wondering, or confused, or behind.

I’ll take you by the hand. I’ll teach you and show you a new way to have your stake back in your pocket but still make profit if our golfer wins. Yep, it’s often a free bet/no loss situation. Trust me!

A typical Wednesday goes like this…

6:30am Up and about, in the shower, ready to go!

7:00am Pick up the Racing Post from the porch floor, head into the kitchen and its coffee on, muesli in the bowl. After half an hour breakfast is done and dusted with a quick scan of the RP.

7:30am Turn to the first golf pages of the RP, often the European Tour and set alight my unique, brilliant, (I believe so!), golf strategy! Yep, it’s mine!

You’ve known or seen nothing like it before or since. The data I use is not found in any computer database for a simple ‘lazy way to riches’ input and spit out result. My data is from sheer exhaustive work, long ago, using hard copies of the Racing Post. Burning the midnight oil and foregoing things many others took for granted. Was it worth the struggle, pain and heartache?

You bet!

8:30am I repeat the process for the US PGA Tour.

9:30am I take a break from the golf and look through the RP at the types of horse races I may or may not be interested in. I check my trainer’s entries and swap texts or phone calls, plus of course wish him the very best of good luck!

10:15am I compose my copy for The Caddy’s Telegram (the FREE instant messaging portal we give all clients access too) and email updates.

Via our Telegram group I also post all relevant trading information on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You are never left dangling and wondering what to do with your golf bets. This is a professional and client friendly service. You will be heads up all the way.

11:00am I try to aim to have the Telegram information posted and with clients by no later than 11am each Wednesday. That said, you will often have until the following day – 6:30am for the European Tour and midday for the US PGA Tour – to place your bets.

As a rule, we have between 0 and 2 golf bets per Tour per week. I do not throw stuff at the wall in the hope something sticks.

Our outlay per week is between 0 and 4 points staked. A 50 point bank has never in any way been under pressure. Personally, I believe a 25 point bank is sufficient but let’s err towards caution.

And well, that’s about it, really! I’ve put in the work so that you don’t have to.

Recently, we have enjoyed winners @ 70/1 and 10/1, plus numerous places and trades to a no loss situation. We would have had another winner, bar a bolt of lightning, at 16/1 but a positive Covid-19 test ruled him out of the final round when 6 shots clear of the field. Hey Ho. Life goes on! We’re making profit!

Last year, my strategy when proofed from August/September gave numerous winners at 15/2, 20/1 twice, 25/1, plus many places and trade outs to a no loss situation. 

If you enjoy sports betting, you’ll enjoy our four days of golf betting, Thursday to Sunday.

You’ll enjoy our next big priced winner.

You’ll enjoy trading out to a free bet/no loss situation.

You’ll enjoy WINNING!

To give The Caddy a try with our no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee, just click this link.

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