Clive’s Betting Diary: Back on track (apart from Saturdays!)

Hi, Clive here.

I’ve written an introduction to this betting diary feature which you will need to read first to make sense of the below. You can find it on the Bet Chat website by clicking this link.

Please Note: The track records I publish in this diary are my own results and, as such, may not match up exactly to a tipster’s published track record. This is because I’m not always in a position to place the bets shortly after I receive them and so I will occasionally either take slightly lower prices or leave the bet altogether if it has shortened too much. I also place my own multiple bets which are detailed in the introduction post linked above.

You can get the official track record for any service by visiting their website.

Please Note (2): The year to date figures run from January 10th which is when I started this diary project. Again, if you’d like to see the full ‘official’ track records, just visit the tipster platform’s website.


A winning midweek with Northern Monkey having a +3pt Tuesday, Snowy being off ill and Love not playing until the weekend. The big boom however was Racecracker which had a 33/1 winner on Tuesday for an 18.8pt profit and a profitable Wednesday and Thursday returning them to profit for the year.

But then Saturday struck again! 0 from 26 between the team taking me alarmingly to 1/79 over the last three Saturdays.

Week figures/Year to date

SAM: -3.72/+2.38
SNOWY: -16.5/+73.81
NORTHERN MONKEY: -5.38/-21.53
LOVE: -7.75/-40.19
RACECRACKER: +15.75/-4.71


Inside Man had a better week but the Wycombe/Shrewsbury draw on Tuesday (0-0, shots 26-2, shots on target 10-0) cost me a £640 pay-out as everything else in Tuesday’s multi came in.

Only that and a 2pt loss on Sunday stopped Adam from cleaning up this week.

INSIDE MAN: +4.00/-5.57


If Saturdays are my nemesis at the moment, Sunday’s golf is the saviour.

Looking at progress on Sunday morning, I found I had virtually won the European event with a six shot lead… Ryan Fox (55/1) eventually won by five with my selections also placing in joint third (200/1), joint third (80/1) and joint sixth (150/1).

The TV entertainment came from the US where Scottie Sheffler got the better of Patrick Cantlay on the third play-off hole (25/1), keeping me up way past my bedtime in the process! I am now using two tipsters for golf – Weekly Golf Value, a freebie from Secret Betting Club, being the newbie.

Rainmaker has increased to £2 per point.

RAINMAKER: +12.5/+108.31


Wadster lost last week’s profit but was only just shy of four points down for the week. Early days for him.

WADSTER: -3.98/-1.98

Cash balance

A total of +£138.47/-£1092.05. Progress at last. Now for some Saturday winners!

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