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Have you ever played Last Man Standing before? If not, it’s dead simple, dead fun and can also be dead profitable!

You see, all you have to do is pick one Premier League team to win in each round of fixtures and, if they do win, you get through to the next round…

This continues until there’s only one man left standing and that man wins the jackpot.

The only catch… Once you’ve picked a team once, you can’t pick them again.

Here at the Bet Chat we’ve just launched a Last Man Standing game, entry is just £10, and you can enter it via this link.

Be quick though! Entry closes this Friday.

January’s fantasy football winners

Speaking of Bet Chat competitions, our fantasy football league is obviously still running and so it’s time to announce January’s winners.

Taking the monthly prize is Dylan Brock, who’s ShawThing FC comfortably took the win with 212 points.

Runner up is Paul Morris’s Klich and Collect who scored 195 points.

Congrats Dylan and Paul! You can claim your prizes by emailing our new dedicated address competitions@thebetchat.com.

Thanks to all those taking part in these games and if you’re not one of the number then why not give it a go? Here’s that Last Man Standing link again.

Good luck and best wishes!

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