Clive’s Betting Diary: Groundhog Day?

I’ve written an introduction to this betting diary feature which you will need to read first to make sense of the below. You can find it on the Bet Chat website by clicking this link.

Please Note: The track records I publish in this diary are my own results and, as such, may not match up exactly to a tipster’s published track record. This is because I’m not always in a position to place the bets shortly after I receive them and so I will occasionally either take slightly lower prices or leave the bet altogether if it has shortened too much. I also place my own multiple bets which are detailed in the introduction post linked above.

You can get the official track record for any service by visiting their website.

Please Note (2): The year to date figures run from January 10th which is when I started this diary project. Again, if you’d like to see the full ‘official’ track records, just visit the tipster platform’s website.


Sam started the week well with a 5pt haul and Racecracker hit 4.3pts on Wednesday but otherwise it was red days all round and I reached the weekend £140 down.

The usual Saturday dross (4/28) ensured another big downturn, but I suppose it wasn’t Groundhog Day really because four winners on a Saturday is more than I’ve achieved for all the other Saturdays added together since starting this diary!

Perhaps needless to say, no tipster managed two winners, so all their multis produced the usual nil return.

I’m very good at keeping an even temperament through good and bad times but this week I was glad of the Brook/Khan fight to help!

Sunday helped too as Northern Monkey produced three big stake profits, but it really is time that at least one (preferably more) of the tipsters started doing what they are paid for!

Week figures/Year to date

SAM: +6.49/+8.87
SNOWY: -19.5/+54.31
NORTHERN MONKEY: -4.18/-25.71
LOVE: -6.95/-47.14
RACECRACKER: -11.05/-15.82


Inside Man had a 2pt loss midweek before virtually breaking even over the weekend.

INSIDE MAN: -2.12/-7.16


I’ve come to rely on golf as my get out of jail card in recent weeks. No winner this week but three places at larger stakes than the losers led to another winning week.

GOLF TIPSTERS: +14/+199.99


Wadster hit a midweek jackpot selecting Ruse (who?) to win her match at 5/1 and the first set at 3.2/1 thus ensuring a profitable week.

WADSTER: +10.76/+8.78

Cash balance

A return of -£180.76, taking me to -£1267.81 for the year. Four profitable days out of seven but still Saturday got me. 

Ante-post bets

These are threatening to cause me a cash flow problem. Inside Man places large stake season long bets and Northern Monkey’s approach to Cheltenham is to double up his regular selections with his Cheltenham fancies.

Both are fine and don’t get accounted until the bets are complete, but they have staked £1730 on these so far and, coupled with my losses this year, my bank is getting worryingly low. Still, almost time for ‘nam.

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