Clive’s Betting Diary: The Worm That Turned

This series is all about the ups and downs of a tipster portfolio approach to sports betting. It’s not here to directly promote any of the services and it’s certainly not here to criticise them either (after all, I’d be quite the fool to stake my own money on a service I don’t have faith in!)

Ultimately, the sole goal is to show that, despite the natural peaks and troughs, it is possible to make a good side income from sports betting if you follow the right services. All it takes is a little bit of organisation, and plenty of patience!

Please Note: I’ve written an introduction to this betting diary feature which you will need to read first to make sense of the below. You can find it on the Bet Chat website by clicking this link.

This covers 29th September to 22nd November.



This the last time I shall mention the freebies as a group, having made the decision on which to keep (click here for the full article).

Of course, it is not the case that their results will always be positive. I expect even the most profitable to hit a downturn or, more precisely, revert to their mean, whatever that may be.

Raceology, with its limited tips on Fridays only hit £18 profit, Flat Flyers -£46, Hidden Winners -£99 (ouch), Racing Consultant +£93 and winning Systems +£103. The latter two are clearly the heroes of the period in question but I will be happy a long as someone blasts this group into profit each month and I don’t really care which it is.

Of the rejects, Haymaker lost £7 and Betting Man £78. All in all, a successful trial period!

Northern Monkey

The biggest cause of my poor year to date has lost a further £297. He spent the end of his year using football and horse multiples to try and get out of the year with some semblance of respect, but this failed miserably.

We’ve got some small multis running on Brazil for the World Cup but nothing very exciting. In fairness to Wayne, he has tipped 202 (28%) that have lengthened in price, 152 (21%) that have stayed the same price and 366 (51%) which have shortened in price, indicating that it is only cruel variance that has done for him.

After seven successful years, I have decided to renew for 2023 but he will inevitably be under scrutiny. After all, he owes me £1800 after this year!


Up £871 for this two month period mainly due to a week in October where he hit a 33/1 winner and a 9/1 winner plus places at 50/1 and 28/1 from his seven selections. This provided £687 of the profit.

He’s in the running for my tipster of the year although will have strong opposition from On the Oche and Weekly Golf Value.

First Class Racing

Only two bets and £50 lost.


A whopping £2.18 profit. Enough said? Not really because that was £428 profit by the 22nd October and £426 lost since then.


Inside Man

Up £33 in what has proved to be a nothing season so far. I’ve played around with stakes as I try to protect the year’s profit, finally settling on £30 a point. World Cup bets starts today but I’ve only done his WC ante post to £5 a point.


Three recent wins have not stopped the rot with losses of £527 since the last diary taking losses for the year to £980. Looks like I might have to drop Aidan from the schedule next year.


The best decision I have taken this year was re-joining On The Oche, my darts tipster.

During the last two months he has netted £585 including winning 12 out of his last 15 bets. He also made reference to a bet he tipped earlier for Josh Rock to win the World Darts Championship at 250/1. I got on at 80/1 and he is now just 16/1 and anyone who saw his match against Van Gerwen last week will know he’s the real deal. An exciting bet for December, for sure.


My saviour has been WGV and Sky. I better explain…

I went into this weekend’s golf up by £306 following two successful American weeks in a row. This week’s tips included Adam Svensson, a Canadian, for the RSM classic. Sky, being the old meanies that they are, only let me have £2.40 each way at 125/1. I had asked for £2.50 each way. So, I rushed to Paddy Power and SHOULD have placed a further 10p each way but in the haste that is Wednesday afternoons betting time, I foolishly placed another £2.50 each way…

That looked like money wasted as Svensson shot a one over par first round to leave him well out of contention. I was quite surprised to find him in the final group out when planning my Sunday sports watching. I was even more surprised to find him 1/3 when viewing started and he held his nerve to win by two. This increased earnings by £616!


These last two months have seen profits of £1501 taking the annual profit to £378. I know that isn’t a lot but seeing as I was over £3500 down on 21st June, it’s been a good second half (and just goes to show why tipsters advise betting banks!!).

Mind you, it’s not over yet. December has rarely been a kind month for me historically. But, just to spice the World Cup up a bit, I’ve placed my Sky and bet365 freebies on the following:

Brazil £90
Argentina £90
Brazil/Van Gerwen double £50
Argentina/Van Gerwen double £50

Along with the Josh Rock bet, it should be fun. Wish me luck!

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