Introducing… Clive’s Betting Diary

Hi, Clive here.

I’m the guy that runs Racecracker and I have also agreed to write a weekly betting diary for you lovely people who read the Bet Chat.

This first post explains the background to my betting without which, the diary itself probably makes little sense.

In addition to my service bets, I bet across horse racing, football, darts and golf using tipsters and have occasional bets of my own. I stake around an average of £1000 per week which sounds a lot but isn’t when you consider the stakes and profits on winning bets are also regularly coming back into my accounts.

Tipsters cannot be read without a guide simply because the standard ‘currency’ of the point means different things to different people as you will see below.

What counts as a bet?

This isn’t quite as simple as it sounds.

Obviously a single, either win or each way counts as one. Any multiple also counts as one. Each day, for each tipster, I also place a one point multiple bet covering all that tipster’s selections which I call a multi. So the number of bets referred to below is not necessarily the same as the number of selections.

Northern MonkeyRacingMainly flat but also Cheltenham and Saturday big races.330.25-3pts. Very few 3 pointers.£20
SnowyRacingJumps only.16Bets marked out of ten but bet usually split by betting each way so 1-5pts.£2
Brett LoveRacingAll round but Saturday and big meetings only.150.25-2pts but very few 2 pointers.£20
RacecrackerRacingAll round.281-2pts but very few two pointers.£10
SamRacingTriallist hence no multis.140.25-2pts.£5
Inside ManFootballAvailable through Bet Chat.8Usually 1 point, occasionally 0.5-2pts.£40
RainmakerGolfN/A15Usually 1-4pts but occasionally 10pts on minor markets.£1
On the OcheDartsWorld Champs only.N/AUsually 1pt.£30

I’ve been with Northern Monkey for seven years, hence the high stakes. Love has been upgraded this year following a successful 2021 but, as his bets come all on one day, it makes Saturdays scary sometimes!

Sam is on trial as I managed to get 90 days for £1. Inside Man has landed me some big wins via the multis hence the high stakes.

Rainmaker is inevitably facing the longest losing runs, golf being a game with 150 runners! For that reason alone, he has to be kept low. On the Oche is £360 per year so I don’t follow all the time. He lets me have the World’s for £30 which provides some Christmas fun.

My aim each year is £5000 profit but that is frequently scuppered by taking on more unsuccessful tipsters. We’ll see if I can resist that this year.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my first weekly diary entry and I hope you find the feature useful or, at the very least, interesting! If you have any questions for me, you can reach me via the usual address: clients@thebetchat.com.

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