“It’s coming home”

Reporting from a hipster coffee shop, north London…

The World Champions… OUT.

The European Champions… OUT.

The run to the final if England win tonight… two of Sweden, Ukraine, Denmark and Czech Republic.

It’s coming home isn’t it?

In all seriousness…

Now, obviously there’s a long way to go still EVEN IF we win tonight but hey, it never hurt to be positive did it?

Some of the negativity and criticism from England fans in this tournament so far has been frankly embarrassing…

Unbeaten, yet to concede, victories against World Cup runners up Croatia who have just pushed Spain to extra time, and the Czechs who have just knocked out the Netherlands…

Yet listen to England fans and you’d think we crashed out of the group stage while Gareth Southgate was busy taking a dump on a life sized portrait of the queen.

We’ve only got one life so you may as well enjoy it, and fuming when the team you support is actually WINNING is very much not doing that.

Believe it or not, booing the players in the stadium or sending abuse on social media isn’t going to make them play any better either!

Sure, we might well lose 4-0 tonight having not had a shot on target. If that happens then there will rightly be an inquest and cause to moan.

But until that point my message for today is simple…

Be positive and for heaven’s sake try to enjoy it – knockout games in major international tournaments are few and far between.


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