“What a big semi”

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Reporting from behind the sofa at Bet Chat HQ, north London…

Here we go again…

A second semi-final for England in three years but just a fourth since 1966. 

The last three have ended in tears but this time it could – and let’s face it, given the respective squads – should be different.

And yet… this is England so anything can and probably will happen.

Is it socially acceptable to start drinking yet? I do hope so.

Superstitious much?

After such a good run in this tournament, we are of course also now entering the weird and wonderful world of superstitions.

I’m not really a superstitious person but here’s the thing…

For the first England match of the tournament I went to a bar that I’ve never been to before.

Since that game (a 1-0 win if your memory has deserted you) I’ve been to the same bar for every England Euros game except for…

Wait for it…

The 0-0 draw with Scotland.

So that’s four games, four wins, no goals conceded at the new place. One game elsewhere and a disappointing draw.

Now, I did have an option to go to an alternative venue tonight but, let’s face it, that’d be tantamount to treason would it not?!

It’s an amnesty

All of which is to say that, for tonight (and hopefully Sunday) only, I’m going to stop banging the ‘no hunches/superstition/gut instinct’ betting drum and launch a short-term amnesty…

Back England cos it’s coming home! Back Denmark cos then it’s a win-win! Wear your socks inside out! Be sure to steer well clear of ladders, mirrors and black cats!

It’s a big old night and, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I hope you enjoy it.*

*Unless you happen to be supporting the opposition.

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