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“Lots of tinned sardines”

Reporting from the kitchen of Bet Chat HQ, south west London…

I’ll start today with a quick reminder that I’ve set up the Bet Chat Fantasy Football League in preparation for the new season.

It’s absolutely, 100%, free to enter and is your chance to pit your wits against the likes of myself and some other big hitters from the world of sports betting. 

I’ve set it up on the official Premier League platform too, so hopefully it’ll be nice and easy for you to join.

There’s a direct link to join our mini league here. You need to already be registered on the fantasy football platform for it to work. If you’re not then sign up with them, create a team and then go to ‘join a private league’… 

You then enter this code: zrydya

We’ve already had a good response and the more people enter, the more prizes we’ll offer up, so get those teams in!

If you’d like to join but have never played Premier League fantasy football and need some help, do feel free to email me at

Warning: Unnecessary Metaphor Alert

A couple of weeks ago I took the decision to get some work done on my pool cue. Specifically, I had the tip size reduced by 1mm.

Now you may not think that sounds a lot but, as far as pool cue tips go, it makes a big difference. Indeed, it’s taken a while to get used to and I was far from my best in a practise session last night.

But do I have any regrets? Absolutely not.

You see, what reducing a tip size does is mean that you need to be more accurate with your cueing (to pot, avoid miscues etc) but the plus side is that you have significantly more positional control, as it’s much easier to get spin on the cue ball…

Given every good player will get most realistic pots most of the time, it’s the positional play that makes the real difference. Hence why you’d never see an English pool player in a competition using a chunky American pool cue.

So you see, although I knew I was likely going to be less good for the next few weeks, I also know that it’s going to improve my game in the long term…

And that’s something you can absolutely apply to your sports betting, be it by… 

  • accepting a losing run because the strategy is profitable long-term
  • taking time out from betting (even when winning) to analyse and improve your strategies
  • setting aside money from your betting pot on long-term bets (such as these) because you know they have a bigger edge than your short-term bets
  • or even ditching a winning strategy altogether because your betting bank can be more efficiently used elsewhere

The long and short of it is that you should ALWAYS be looking at the bigger picture, even if that means a bit of short-term pain…

And yes, I did say it was an unnecessary metaphor.

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