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“Wakey wakeyyy”

Reporting from the cafe, central London…

Today is a Friday and, with Bet Chat Bec away, that means pub day is downgraded to chores day, in what is quite possibly the biggest downgrade on record since Liverpool replaced Luis Suarez (82 goals in 2.5 years at the club) with Christian Benteke (a combined 33 goals for both his clubs in the last five years).

The latter’s one and only highlight at Liverpool was this strike. The fact that we still lost that game says it all.

So, what fun chores have I got on the menu for the rest of today…

  • Buy some new trainers, after my main pair sprung a leak (they don’t make them like they used to etc etc).
  • Attempt to FINALLY post my dad his birthday present (for more on that epic saga, click here).
  • Clean the kitchen.
  • Clean the bathroom.

Yes, the life of a professional sports bettor/sports betting publisher really is that glamorous.

Still, the weekend is almost upon us and the pub will finally start beckoning tomorrow evening. I shall enjoy that, and I hope you enjoy any and all of what you get up to.

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