“It’s where Jezza Corbyn lives”

Reporting from the pub, north London…

For the sixth time in six years I’m currently in the process of finding somewhere new to live. While that may well sound like your worst nightmare, this is London and so actually buying somewhere is out of the question unless you’re a sheikh from the middle east or a Russian oligarch.

It appears that I am neither of those things, so another new rental contract it is, this time in Jezza Corbyn’s neck of the woods, Islington.

Whatever you think of the bearded one, his manor undoubtedly contains some nice boozers and it’s those that I’ll be spending the rest of the afternoon/evening/night time exploring.

Check out these reviews

Critics can be tough to please, especially when the reactions can be so mixed depending on the critic in question…

What of Tenet for example, the new Christopher Nolan blockbuster?

Depending on who you believe it’s either the greatest film ever made or a piece of nonsensical drivel!

(By the way, if you have seen it do let me know if it’s any good, as I’m considering a trip to the cinema – clients@thebetchat.com).

However, one thing which has received great reviews across the board is this betting service.

Here’s a snippet from a review by trusted site ‘Goal Profits, Betting System Reviews’:

“It was a great start to our Inside Man review with a profit of 7.17 points banked, which worked out as a 23.9% increase to our starting bank. We were impressed with the service already and enjoying the community feel through the Telegram group.”

Here’s one from a review on Make Money Forum:

Whilst there are undoubtedly a lot of charlatans and cowboys on the market, there are also some genuinely quite impressive people tipping today. This brings me to Adam Cheng. A tipster who undoubtedly has some of the strongest credentials in the market.”

And last, but certainly not least, these are the words of betting service review guru, Chris Sowerby:

“Since closing comparison website Tipstars I have continued to monitor some of my favourite services. One of those was The Inside Man which was the number one rated football service under Tipstars. Since switching to the Bet Chat Adam has kept up the good work too!”

It’s not often you can get the critics to agree and so when they do you should take note…

And that’s why I’m strongly recommending that you give this a try today.

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