“What a good little freebie”

Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, south west London…

Have you joined the Bet Chat Fantasy Football League yet?

It’s 100% free to enter and is your chance to pit your wits against the likes of myself and some other big hitters from the world of sports betting. 

I’ve set it up on the official Premier League platform, so hopefully it’ll be nice and easy for you to join.

There’s a direct link to join our mini league here. You need to already be registered on the fantasy football platform for it to work. If you’re not then sign up with them, create a team and then go to ‘join a private league’…

You then enter this code: zrydya

If you’d like to join but have never played Premier League fantasy football and need some help, do feel free to email me at clients@thebetchat.com

The prize list

The only other thing I wanted to do today was confirm the prizes that you’ll be playing for. We may even add more to the list, but these will be the bare minimum…

Monthly Prizes

1st place: a free 1 month subscription to racing service Improvers

2nd place: £15 Bet Chat credit

Season Prizes

1st place: £300 Bet Chat credit, a football shirt of your choice (within reason!), a £50 Amazon gift card and a free copy of Prem Bets 2021/22

2nd place: £100 Bet Chat credit, a football shirt of your choice (within reason!) and a free copy of Prem Bets 2021/22

3rd place: £50 Bet Chat credit and a free copy of Prem Bets 2021/22

Special Prizes

Everybody who finishes above my team, Top of the Klopps, will win £15 of Bet Chat credit.

Now if those prizes aren’t worth 10 minutes of your time choosing a team, I don’t know what is!

Also, just to be clear, Bet Chat credit is credit that can be spent on any of our services or one off products. You can either use it towards a renewal payment if you’re signed up to one of the services or, if not, you can use it towards signing up to a service/buying a product.

Any questions, email clients@thebetchat.com. Otherwise, get your team in and best of luck!

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