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We sent out the latest Crypto With Kash recommendation out to members last Friday…

This coin ticks every box in my 8-factor strategy and I believe it could soon go from the tens of dollars to the hundreds of dollars… maybe even thousands… and when it does, it won’t look back!

So, the earlier you get in the better.

Discover the name of this coin with a 60-day risk-free trial to Crypto With Kash now.

Let me explain why this coin is so important for the entire crypto ecosystem…

Blockchain technology is amazing.

It enables Bitcoin and other cryptos to send quick, cheap transactions world-wide without the need for a middleman in a suit charging you a hefty (and unjustified) fee.

And more complex “smart contract” blockchain tech can be used to build financial products that rival offerings in the traditional financial world, like the Uniswap decentralised exchange and the Aave lending protocol.

But blockchains have a problem, and it’s a big one.

They cannot connect to data sources outside of the crypto space in a secure way.

So a smart contract weather forecasting project can’t pull in data securely from the Met Office, for example…

And, on the flip side, an insurance broker can’t pull out claimant data from the blockchain in a secure way.

The crypto I tipped on Friday solves this problem.

It works as an automated, blockchain-secure, and decentralised middleman between crypto and the rest of the world.

In other words, it gives blockchain projects access to ALL the data in the world.

Whether it’s financial data…

Government data…

Marketing data…

Weather data…

Health data…

Global trade data…

Thanks to this coin, TRILLIONS of dollars worth of data is now blockchain native by default.

No wonder it’s already being used and backed by tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

Better yet, it’s currently still trading in the tens of dollars… not the thousands like Ethereum, or the tens of thousands like Bitcoin.

Although, I believe it could one day get there.

Which is why it’s a buy for me and members of the Crypto With Kash service.

It could also be a buy for you too…

Discover the name of this coin with a 60-day risk-free trial to Crypto With Kash now.

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