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Our competition winner (plus fun facts!)

Thanks once again to all those who completed the 2020 Bet Chat survey

The winner of our free annual subscription has been drawn and will be contacted shortly, so keep an eye on your emails!

The survey answers were really useful to us and we’ve learned a lot. Here are some fun facts…

  • A whopping 98.2% of respondents were male (that means if you’re reading this and are female, we appreciate you all the more!)
  • Horse racing won the battle of the sports with a 91.6% approval rating, just ahead of football which scored 85.6%. Motor racing brought up the rear with just 6.6% of respondents interested.
  • A group of rabbits is called a fluffle.
  • A whopping 90.4% bet at least a few times a week (57.5% daily). All the more reason for you to ensure you’re placing the bets that are most likely to make you a profit – for that, you’re in the right place!
  • It’s illegal to jump the ticket office queue at a TFL station.
  • 115 of you responded to our question about favourite betting services and we’ll be sharing some of those with you over the next few weeks and months. Thanks to those who selected our Football Index Investor service in this section, we’re really pleased to hear you’re enjoying it.
  • The most important thing that people look for in a betting service is undoubtedly proof of profits/track record (83.2% of respondents selected this option). One thing we were already planning on doing in this regard is partnering up with a new independent betting review/proofing website. That has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 situation but keep an eye out for news on that when live sport returns.
  • Peaches used to be called Persian apples.
  • Tips came out on top when it comes to people’s preferred type of service, with four times as many selecting that compared to a training course. We plan to offer a variety of services here at Bet Chat, so while tips are obviously the most popular, rest assured if you prefer a fishing rod to a fish, we’ll try and ensure that we have you covered too.
  • A comfortable majority of 77.9% prefer more winners at shorter odds, compared to long shots and a lower strike rate.
  • Email remains comfortably the most popular medium of receiving content. You’ll have likely noticed that we’ve been keen to use new technology to increase our methods of communication (such as through the Telegram instant messaging app) but it’s important to note that these things are very much in addition to email, and we’ll always ensure that those who can only access email, can still receive all the key content in that way.
  • Ducks have corkscrew shaped penises as an evolutionary result of conflicts with females.
  • There’s definitely an interest in higher priced lifetime/package subscriptions. When sport is back to something akin to normality and we have a few more services and experts in place, some form of gold membership scheme is certainly something we’ll look at.
  • We have the number of Bet Chat emails you receive ‘about right’ according to 94% of respondents which is great to hear. We want our e-letter to be something of value that you enjoy reading rather than a nuisance, so do be sure to let us know if we ever become the latter!

On top of that, we also had some really useful feedback both in terms of the things you like and the things we can improve, so we’ll certainly be doing our best to continue those things in the former camp and work on the ones in the latter…

Obviously at the moment with the lack of sport, there’s only so much variety of content we can provide, and a number of planned developments are currently on hold but, for a platform that’s just three months old, I think we’ve built a solid foundation and the team here have definitely been heartened by your responses, so thanks once again.

With spaces on our Football Index service now filled, our next job is to start making our way through some of those feedback points for improvement, so you can expect some emails on those topics in the next couple of weeks, in addition to some more timeless betting content (I have a free card counting tutorial pencilled in next week for those wannabe card sharks among you!)

Keep your eyes peeled for those emails and, survey aside, do always feel free to contact us on any topic at all by emailing After all, they do say communication is the key to all good relationships 😉

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