Our Tipster of the Month

It’s time for another Bet Chat Tipster of the Month and, for me, there can only be one choice due to a sterling performance since launch.

Our winner is…

Yes, that’s right, it’s Outside Rides!

Why Outside Rides?

Our newest betting service launched in April with a hugely profitable track record allied to the promise of an ‘only pay if you profit’ membership scheme. This gives members the best of both worlds… big winnings when things are going well and no membership fees when the inevitable bad runs come along.

So, how has it done?

Pretty damn well!

Both April and May delivered overall profits and June is also currently in profit, while the period as a whole has delivered a Return On Investment of around 20%. You can view the full service track record here.

Given that Sod’s Law usually dictates that a new service gets off to the worst possible start (one racing service back in the day had a first fence faller as it’s very first bet!) this all bodes extremely well going forwards and, if you’re not already an active member, I’d strongly recommend becoming one.

Get involved!

To celebrate Outside Rides becoming our Tipster of the Month we’ve decided to re-open our super popular ‘5 free credits’ offer for 24 hours only. This means that, until 9am tomorrow, you can sign up and get your first 5 points of overall profit completely free of charge.

To take advantage of the offer, click this link now but be quick, you have less than 24 hours!

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