Should you sell your crypto?

The crypto markets are in free fall with Bitcoin leading the way…

So, what should we do?

Well, we can panic sell and run for the hills…

Or we can stay steadfast and stick to our core Crypto with Kash principles.

Personally, I’m opting for the second option.

You see, having been through a few crypto market cycles now, I’ve learnt a few things…

1) Crypto markets are incredibly difficult to time which is why I’ve always focused on long term as opposed to short term gains. It’s why we took profits on the way up – downtrends like this were always possible and have happened several times before. When you focus on the long term, it’s easier to stomach these drops, especially if you’ve seen what happens when markets turn around.

Here’s a reminder of the long-term view for Bitcoin…

2) When coins are up, you wish you could go back and buy when they were low. When they fall, you tend to not want to buy because you fear they’ll fall even lower. That’s why we Dollar Cost Average (DCA) into positions – because no one knows where the market will bottom.

Crypto with Kash member Alan shared a very helpful illustration in the Telegram group showing this…

3) When markets fall, most people lose interest. They’ll only return when the coins are hugely up again. By setting alerts and buy orders lower down, you can step away and still be involved. You can sign up to my newsletters for my lower buy order levels for the coins you’re interested in.

4) Many people say crypto is a hedge against inflation and it will decouple from the stock market. Personally I don’t believe this to be true (yet) and in fact the correlation between Bitcoin and the S&P 500 is at its highest level in history. Maybe in the future we will see a decoupling, but not right now. Basically, this is not a crypto-specific crash, and if you believe the stock market will go back up, why not crypto too?

Take a look at the S&P 500 over the last week…

While I can’t click my fingers and make a bull market appear, I do hope my above points provide some guidance for you.

Remember, right now when markets are down is when it’s hardest to stick to our core investing principles.

Stay the course if you can! You can sign up to Crypto with Kash and get access to my entire coin portfolio by clicking this link.

If you have any questions about my service or the crypto market in general, you can email me on hello@marketprospectors.com.

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