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Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, south-west London…

With the Bet Chat recently celebrating its six month birthday (go us!) we thought it would be a nice idea to ramp up the content with a regular ‘thought of the day’ style blog.

I’ll strive to send this daily Monday-Friday (occasional hangovers permitting) and will use it as an opportunity to talk about what’s been going on in the world of sport and betting and what we’ve got coming up here at Bet Chat.

Pay close attention and you’ll get some invaluable insights into the inner workings of the business too… For example, exactly how much time do Josh and Bet Chat Bec spend supporting the local pub industry?!

So, what has been going on?

Well, I spent much of yesterday slowly becoming one with the sofa while watching the snooker.

I’ve never understood the appeal of leather sofas and this heat isn’t changing my mind so, while I may not be a vegetarian, I’m more than willing to commission and board a ‘save the cows’ bandwagon… Who’s with me?!

As far as the actual snooker goes, I made some money backing Anthony McGill, but he was deeply unimpressive in his deciding frame victory and I’m very much against him in today’s quarter final which starts at 14:30.

His opponent, Kurt Maflin, has been extremely impressive in knocking out last year’s semi-finalist, Dave Gilbert, and finalist, John Higgins, showing both scoring ability and the knack of getting over the line in tough contests…

If he gets off to a half decent start today (and McGill is likely to be drained after his post-midnight finish) he could well blitz his opponent.

Neither the match or handicap odds are especially appealing but one bet I will have a nibble at is 14/1 each-way on Maflin to win the championship.

If he sees off McGill as expected, that gives you just shy of a 5/1 winner should he win his semi-final, plus of course a free hit at the full 14/1 win in the final itself.

Just a small bet for me – and admittedly, I’ve been on Judd Trump since the start of the tournament, so it’s a bit of a saver bet too – but food for thought anyway.

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