Working from home is here to stay, regardless of what the back-tracking big businesses tell the BBC News correspondents.

And if you can work from home, you can most probably work from anywhere.

I cottoned onto this a while back, and have been working from home almost 100% since I handed in my notice to the fixed office job over eight years ago (as I went on paternity leave for my eldest). Half of that time was spent slogging it out for an international financial services company, the second half and up to the present day has been almost entirely on my own terms.

We’re still UK based, but we traded our two-up two-down in the expensive south east for a four-bed semi in North Yorkshire seven years ago and have never looked back – largely due to the significantly lower cost of living.

And this way of life has nothing on certain parts of Latin America, South East Asia, or even Europe if you know where to look.

Low outgoings create freedom, fact.

Freedom from a high cost of local living.

Freedom from debt (if you want to).

Freedom to choose when and how much you work.

Freedom to take a chance on a business venture, or two.

Freedom to not have to worry about how to homeschool your kids when it’s forced on you.

Freedom to take the lead on the education your kids receive.

The world is big, as you well know, and once travel restrictions ease you could just as easily do your job, or another job, or your solopreneur job, or run a business – from somewhere friendlier, sunnier, and cheaper.

The script does a good job of killing your creative, problem solving, resilient mind – especially when the Aussies have it pretty right that the UK has a whole load of whinging poms.

Gratitude is in short supply, but that’s not you.

You know you won the lottery when you were born in a first world country, now it’s time to reignite your wanderlust.

So I’ll end today’s email by asking the following: if you could work from anywhere in the world, where would it be? Let me know by emailing hello@marketprospectors.com.

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