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If you’re not on our free ‘Windecate’ Telegram group you won’t have seen this message from Mel Gee the other day:

Heads up everyone!

Having had an idea, I have run it past Josh, and with the past 7 weeks going as I expected, we could be in for a new service October time?

Most of this group know me and my passion for all things horse racing. I had to wind up a couple of my services owing to changes within the racing calendar and latterly because of the Covid effect on racing. Honesty is always the best policy.

Many things change in racing, annually or over a decade or longer. The one thing that does not change, however, is known form and known class.

Simply put: known form + known class = unknown profits! Especially in races from Listed Class to Group 1.

It wasn’t until I read in this group and other Bet Chat groups that many of you were experiencing losses and long losing runs especially in June and July from your chosen tipsters who all advertise “success” on their respective websites. I don’t like reading of people losing money, hence me contacting Josh with a proposal.

I have been happily betting during June and July in the Class 1 races whereby form ought to be trustworthy. I operate in the UK, Ireland and France looking for horses that are good – some are very good! It is those horses I want carrying my money. If there is a downside (and no way shape or form do I consider it a downside) it is the number of races where a “good bet” can be had. 

My form reading is imbedded into my brain. It is sacrosanct. I know why a horse might win and just as important, why a horse might lose. How do I know this and others don’t? Simple – I put in the very hard and laborious groundwork many years ago. I don’t input parameters and wait for what is spat out by the computer. In my learning curve, there were no computers!

Here are my only bets in June and July from Class 1 races.

JuneAl Aasy2nd (7/4)
JuneSanta Barbara4th (11/4)
JuneMac Swiney4th E/W (8/1)PROFIT
JuneAtalis BayWon (13/8)
JuneBataashLost (6/4)
JunePoetic FlareWon (7/2)
JuneParents PrayerLost (10/1)
JuneGo Bears GoE/W (9/1)PROFIT
JuneTwilight JetLost (20/1)
JuneGo Bears GoWon (11/2)
JuneHurricane LaneWon (5/1)
JulyJohn Leeper3rd (13/8)
JulySt Mark’s BasillicaWon (5/4)
JulyAlcohol Free3rd E/W (10/3)SMALL LOSS
JulyHurricane LaneWon (11/10)
JulyOrder Of AustraliaWon (2/1)

Many of you will have followed me in with some of these bets from Epsom and Royal Ascot.

My intention is to proof to you for FREE on this platform all of my Class 1 bets for the next few weeks. This is a 12 month recurring betting approach for me whether it be here or abroad, National Hunt or Flat racing. It’s a very lucrative well of success for me year after year. Again, many of you have followed me at Cheltenham and Punchestown, so you have already witnessed success. 

Another heads up! 

The bets will be few, not every day nor every week. I will not be posting everyday but I will try to answer your questions as quickly as time allows.

So, there you have it. Enjoy the next few weeks on me! 

Good luck to us all

Mel Gee

So, how does that sound?

Free racing tips from a bona fide expert, no doubt including some for Glorious Goodwood this week.

If you’re not already on the Telegram group in question, just click here to sign up.

Once again, it’s FREE!

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