Why my system is a must for every bettor’s portfolio

Let me take you back to 2000…

I received an email from my cousin, a betting man, but not a full-time passionate bettor. His email was written to tease rather than to inform. The gist of it was “I’ve just backed a 40/1 winner”.

I replied in my normal way of well done you, I’m pleased for you, and how did you manage that? His reply was less than helpful or forsthcoming and simply said that there were 156 runners!

Thinking cap on and I concluded it must be golf, which he confirmed and pointed me towards the Racing Post and the resident tipster, Jeremy Chapman. I’ll have a bit of that I thought.

I followed Jeremy for the next while or so and yes, I made some profit, but I was never happy betting 4, 5 or 6 golfers in a US tournament and similar again for the European tour…

It meant an outlay of somewhere in the region of 16 -20 points each week and that meant reduced stakes to cover the inevitable losing weeks. Two consecutive losing weeks hurt, but three? Ouch!!

There had to be a better way

Trust is a big thing with me. It has to be two way or no way. I set about meeting up with Jeremy and our first meeting was at Newmarket 2000gns day and a further meeting at the QE11 building in London for the Breeder’s Cup festival.

Jeremy was known as a golfing guru and an expert at golf selections. He was simply the best at that time and his former apprentice, the current golf incumbent at the RP, is not in the same league.

Jeremy was honest with me. He took on board my myriad of questions and confessed to not betting all his own selections. He said he is a journalist first and an occasional bettor second. I was impressed with that answer. It also meant that if he was not prepared to place a stake on his selections, why should I?

Armed with new knowledge passed to me, plus my intention to watch the sport to learn more, I felt I was at a good starting point to progress and profit from the sport of golf. And profit I did.

From 2000 to 2008, I never had a losing year betting on golf.

In 2004, I took on board a form book written by Keith Elliot. What a fantastic discovery this was.

It held all the previous year’s results and consequently directed me to those players most likely to do well: aided and abetted my first-hand research each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I was in business! I was making good profits from only 1 or 2 selections per event per week. Get in!

Then, in 2009, disaster! The Holy Grail was snatched out of my hands.

I was devastated to say the least

Elliot’s golf form book ceased to be, citing family issues and the amount of work needed to produce it.

Those of you reading this, who know me, know that discipline is paramount in my betting life.

No discipline, no profit. It’s that simple. With no form book to guide me, it was no golf betting – end of. I left golf betting for quite some time. With a normal field of 150+ runners one needs an edge and I had lost mine.

Lots of tipsters and systemites choose to use internet based portals to research ideas based on what has gone before. It’s an easy way and a very speedy way to prove/disprove a theory. But it’s not for me.

Back in the day, I had hard copies of the Sporting Life going back years to help with my research. At this time, it was the Racing Post. There is nothing to compare with starting on January 1st and working through each day to December 31st in a quest for an answer. And an answer I found!

I was well armed with my information from Jeremy, I had discipline in abundance, and now I had my selection process too.

I was back in the golf betting world and looking for my first 20/1, 25/1, 33/1, 40/1, 50/1 and 66/1 winners. And, equally as important, I was using a betting bank that could sustain one or two selections per event. Yes!

So, what did I discover?

It is the one thing golfers hate. It is the one thing golf bettors hate. It costs both money and yet now I am making money from it. And you can too.

You see, from a combination of closed bookmaker accounts and Covid-19, I decided to publish my golf strategy and, alongside Bet Chat, The Dossier was released in August/September 2020…

All you need to know to profit from golf betting, exactly as I do, is revealed in The Dossier.

The results since have been phenomenal with winners at 70/1, 25/1, 20/1 twice, 10/1. On top of that we have had many placed golfers at up to 100/1.

In a nutshell, my golf strategy makes money.

It’s a unique approach. You’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s mine!

Plus, to top it all off, Bet Chat are offering a ‘Summer Special’ 50% discount for the entire Dossier (which also includes another FOURTEEN systems in addition to my golf strategy).

It’s available until midnight on Monday only.

Click here to grab a copy today.

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