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Why you need to think globally again

Not every country has reacted the same way to Covid-1984, that’s easy to see even from the biased and insidious mainstream media.

If you read wider than that you’ll know that there are places which have been largely free and open since the start of 2020. Hola Mexico!

Now it’s not like you need to up and leave your UK base right away, but the best time to make a plan-B is when you don’t really need to use it. Same as when moving job, house, selling a car etc, change these things when it’s not being forced upon you and it’ll almost certainly work out better.

And it’s not just your location which needs a global hat on, it’s also your finances.

Fellow crypto investors will know exactly what I’m talking about, as will those with location independent small businesses.

Diversification is the only true risk mitigant, so my risk management qualification likely never taught me. It means you will never again feel trapped, lacking options, and you’ll have a long list of places to raise your kids, regain your freedoms, and still earn enough money to support all of that.

Latin America tops my list of locations, having spent seven months travelling around the south a decade or so ago and a few top up trips since then to check out parts of the central region.

Western Europe offers more options than you might think, and Schengen concerns go out the window when you realise the eastern options which can be both stunning, and very easy on the bank balance.

Our IndeMinds community are already embracing aspects of this, or are very much on their way towards it. 

And they’re likely doing it having realised that the scripted life of mainstream school, mainstream university, mainstream job, and then repeat for a family just doesn’t make much sense.

Defined benefit pensions are what baby boomers are getting and have been discontinued, so how will you ensure you’re not still working when you’re 80?

How will you break through the mainstream educational nonsense, which only seems to be able to create scripted worker bees?

How will you teach your kids how to be happy and fulfilled?

And how will you be free to do what you want along the way?

Think globally, that’s how.

So I’ll end today’s email by asking the following: do you have a second residency, and if so where? Let me know by emailing

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