“I’m not being difficult. I’m just being perfect”

Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, north London…

Today I want to talk about evidence. A straightforward concept, but one that so many people make a total pigs ear of.

It really should be straightforward…

Something happens that is a direct consequence of something else. Therefore, if you want that thing to happen again, you do the same thing again. If you want something else to happen, you do something else.

Take a soft-boiled egg. Now, clearly, there’s a margin here, somewhere between about 4.5 minutes and 5.5 minutes depending on taste, but we all know roughly what amount of boiling gives us a good soft-boiled egg.

If you boil it for 2 minutes, it will not be cooked. You can try again and again and again with an endless supply of eggs and none of them will be cooked inside 2 minutes…

We know this because we have the evidence of people’s past attempts and that’s why, if we want a soft-boiled egg, we would always cook it for longer than 2 minutes.

So why then, do people ignore make a habit of wilfully ignoring evidence?

Increasingly extreme weather events – such as last year’s Australian wildfires – are occurring on a regular basis…

Temperature records are being broken left, right and centre…

Yesterday, Bet Chat Bec and I had a day in the park in shorts and t-shirt and I ended it a little sunburnt… in MARCH.

And yet still you get people claiming that climate change isn’t a thing.

Evidence is our friend

As bettors and investors, we simply can’t afford to ignore evidence. Sure, there can be different ways to interpret evidence but you wouldn’t simply write it off due to, say, your political leanings would you?

Just imagine the scene…

Bert: “I’m backing Horsey McHorseface in the 3:15”

Ernie: “Are you mad?! He’s raced 10 times over three miles and ran out of gas in the final half mile every single time”

Bert: “Oh don’t be stupid Ernie. That’s just what the libtards and snowflakes want you to believe”


A trillion dollar scam?

Here are some things we know to be true about cryptocurrencies:

  • There’s currently around $1trillion invested in them.
  • Tesla – a hugely successful global enterprise – recently bought $1.5billion worth of Bitcoin.
  • As reported by Forbes this week, Visa has started a pilot whereby transactions are settled using cryptocurrencies.

So that’s a humongous amount of cash tied up in the space, a humongous business making a humongous investment in the space and a humongous financial services provider starting to incorporate the space into its offerings…

And yet despite all of that evidence, some people’s response to crypto is to simply state ‘it’s a scam’ or ‘it’s a pyramid scheme’.

A trillion dollar space with huge profit potential written off without a care in the world.

Don’t eat raw eggs

The purpose of today’s mail isn’t to sing the praises of cryptocurrency (although if it is a space that interests you, you should take a look at this) but rather to encourage you to always put hard evidence above lazy speculation or, worse, nonsensical biases.

Whatever you do with your hard earned cash when it comes to betting or investments, always make sure it’s logical and backed up by facts.

I can assure you that a two minute boiled egg does not a good breakfast make.

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This is going to be big

This week we’ve been busy putting the final touches to a brand new service that I’m extremely excited by. It covers an area with huge profit potential both in the short and long term and is something that I’m very much looking forward to adding to my own portfolio.

You may well have guessed already (given some of the content that we’ve put out over the last few weeks) but, today, I can officially reveal that the new service will be in the field of cryptocurrency…

And, naturally, in an area of crypto that isn’t already overexposed and covered by the mainstream. In other words, it certainly won’t just be telling you to buy Bitcoin!

Rather, it’ll be predominantly looking at coins in the ‘DeFi’ sector, some of which have seen gains as big as 14,935% over the last 12 months.

I’ll be unveiling the full details over the next two days, but today I just wanted to refresh your memories when it comes to exactly what DeFi is, and why it’s such a good investment.

The recap

We kicked off our series of articles on the subject here and detailed exactly why cryptocurrencies have value here.

In this article we looked at how Bitcoin in particular is essentially programmed to keep going up in price… 

And lastly, we covered the risks of investing here and how you can store your cryptocurrency here.

Keep your eyes peeled

Hopefully this is a route to profit that interests you as much as does me… 

If it is, then keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be sending you the full details, including how to join the new service, over the next couple of days.

“I guess a horse is like an animal bike” 🐎 🚲

Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, north London…

Well, that was quite the week.

For a good decade now, the Cheltenham Festival has heralded the busiest, but also the most consistently enjoyable, week of my year. 

This time it was obviously a little bit different, as we were unable to attend, but it was certainly still a hell of a lot more entertaining than every other week of lockdown has been thus far.

In the modern day media tradition, today I thought I’d supply you with ‘10 things I learned’:

  1. The Irish have added training and riding horses to the long list of things that they are much better than the English at.
  2. SkyBet don’t offer Best Odds Guaranteed on their enhanced place races. They also appear to have done a deal with the devil to ensure that every early price I take with them drifts and every SP shortens. 
  3. Waitrose’s prosecco is dangerously moreish (and currently 25% off).
  4. We need a bigger recycling bin.
  5. Totesport offer money back on placepots at selected meetings if they go down in the first race. Good on ‘em.
  6. Sometimes you can do all the research in the world only to see your horse brought down by another runner, while Bet Chat Bec wins because “Sky Pirate sounds like a fun name” so, when you don’t win, don’t beat yourself up too much.
  7. Speaking of Bec, “I guess a horse is like an animal bike”, clearly trumps any piece of analysis I produced last week.
  8. A small field novice sprint on a Sunday can be just as satisfying as a whole week of betting at the Festival. Kudos to our racing tipster triallist who landed a maximum stake 33/1 winner yesterday to turn a below average week into a splendid one (you’ll no doubt hear lots more about him over the coming months).
  9. Something I knew already but, with point eight in mind, you really really really really really need a proper betting bank and consistent staking, otherwise you risk backing the early week losers and missing the transformative end of week winners. 
  10. It’s now just three weeks until beer gardens and hairdressers are allowed to open. Glory be!

Pop Friday in your diary

That’s just about it for today, but before I go I just wanted to give you a heads up that something very exciting is coming to Bet Chat on Friday…

It’s an opportunity that I’ll be personally investing in, and one that I think would serve you well too.

There will be more on that as the week goes on, so do keep an eye on your emails. Win, lose or draw last week, there’s always another chance to profit on the horizon!

“Days do go quickly when you get up at 11am”

Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, north London…

First up this Friday I have a couple of competition winners to announce from the Bet Chat Fantasy Football League. These are just the 12 days late, which is somewhere in the mid-range when it comes to how late I typically announce competition winners.

Anyhow, without further delay, well done to…

Alex Traynor’s 1892 who won February’s first prize with a whopping 423 points…

And Marco Allen’s Kloppy’s Blinders who finished second and put his son to shame with 417 points.

To claim your prize, just email clients@thebetchat.com.

Just four more sleeps

If you have any interest in horse racing at all, you’ll know that the best meeting of the year – the Cheltenham Festival – starts on Tuesday…

And so too does my Cheltenham Syndicate service.

This has been going for six or seven years now but for 2021 there’s a major twist…

It’s completely free!

So, I’m not going to be giving you the big sales pitch today. I’m simply going to say that if you want a big price multiple bet…

Daily tips and analysis…

Access to a private chat group…

And regular competitions…

Then all you need to do is follow this link and confirm your email address.

That’s all for today – the off license is calling! Have a lovely evening.

Secure your free place on my Cheltenham Syndicate

Today’s a special day…

You see, for the first time ever, I’m giving away my Cheltenham Syndicate service completely free of charge!

I’ve been running this for the last six or seven years, and long-time subscribers will remember a whole bunch of cracking winners along the way, including a 145/1 placepot pay-out and multiple single winners at 16/1+

As a thank you for your support throughout the pandemic, I thought it’d be a nice thing to give away the full service for free this year as a one-off…

And so, to sign up, all you need to do is click this link and enter your email address.

As part of this years’ service you’ll receive the following:

  • A copy of the ‘Big One’ bet. A multiple to get on pre-festival at huge odds of around 500/1 (the effort last year produced two 1sts and two 2nds!)
  • Daily analysis and tips, including night before ‘early bird’ updates in case you aren’t around to place the bets in the morning.
  • Access to a private members only Telegram chat group which will also include pro tipsters from other services.
  • Plus, a number of competitions, where you can win even more free stuff!

While we may still be in lockdown, next week promises to be a lot of fun, and it’d be great to have you along for the ride…

So click this link and secure your free spot today.